I teach literacy and children’s literature courses at Emporia State University to undergraduate and graduate students. Integrating technology into my teaching is a passion, and there are always so many new things about technology to learn. A blog seems like a good place to share my experiences and learn from others. Please join in the discussion.

Recent Publications

Dobler, E. & Eagleton, M. (2015). Reading the Web: Strategies for Internet inquiry. 2nd ed. New York:

Dobler, E., Johnson, D., & Wolsey, T. D. (2013). Forward thinking: Language
arts on the move
. Scottsdale, AZ: Holcomb Hathaway.

Dobler, E. (2015). e-Textbooks: A personalized learning experience or a digital distraction? Journal of
Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 58
(6), 478-487.

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Grisham, D. L., Dobler, E., Smetana, L., Yoder, K. K., Wolsey, T.D., Wold, L., Lenski, S. J., Scales, R.Q., Chambers, S., Young, J. & Ganske, K. (2014). Are teacher candidates learning what they are taught? Declarative literacy learning in ten teacher preparation programs. Teacher Education and Practice, 27(1), 168-189.

Wolsey, T. D., Young, J. R., Scales, W. D., Lenski, S., Yoder, K. K., Wold, L., Smetana,
L., Grisham, D. L., Ganske, K., Dobler, E., & Chambers, S. A. (2013). An examination of teacher education in literacy instruction and candidate perceptions of their learned literacy practices. Action in Teacher Education 35(3), 204-222.

Dobler, E. (2013). Online feedback and the value of social presence. The Oklahoma
Reader 8
(1), 21-26.

Lenski, S., Ganske, K., Chambers, S., Wold, L., Dobler, E., Grisham, D., Scales, R., Smetana, L., Wolsey, T. D., Yoder, K. & Young, J. (2013). Literacy course priorities and signature aspects of nine elementary literacy initial licensure programs. Literacy Research and Instruction, 52(1), 1-27.

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