No Wonder Kids Struggle with Searching for Information Online!

Not too long ago, I observed two children as they searched the school’s library database for books on their chosen inquiry topic –Martin Luther King Jr. My role was to sit quietly and observe, but it was tough! The pair first struggled with how to spell Martin (Marten) and then argued over what exactly they … More No Wonder Kids Struggle with Searching for Information Online!

Whose Job Is It?

I think we can all agree that our students need to develop skills so they can be efficient and effective online readers, curators, and users of information. Right? Based on this idea, I wonder who is responsible for teaching these skills? The Common Core State Standards do call for students to gather, comprehend, evaluate, synthesize … More Whose Job Is It?


I have always had trouble grasping the concept of Boolean logic – the use of the words “and”, “not”, “or”, along with +, -, and <>, when searching online. Since I use Google when I want to find information quickly, I am glad to see an evolution over the past few years towards the acceptance … More Boolify

Safe Online Searching

Providing children with safe access to online information can be a challenge. Definitely no perfect search engine for keeping children safe online exists in the cyberworld of today. Teachers, parents, and caregivers must be vigilant with guiding children’s Web reading experiences. Google offers a Safe Search feature that can be activated to different degrees (off/moderate/strict) … More Safe Online Searching

Internet Inquiry in Kindergarten, Really?

Over the past few weeks I have been interviewing teachers about the ways they integrate the Internet into their instruction. Luckily two Kindergarten teachers agreed to share their experiences with me. I was a bit skeptical at first – how can students who aren’t reading independently be conducting research online? These two teachers, Jessica and … More Internet Inquiry in Kindergarten, Really?