What Does It Mean to be a Digital Citizen?

Parents worry about Internet safety. School districts put up firewalls, fearing students will access unsafe websites. Students are warned against giving out personal information online. Some teachers shy away from having students do open searches on the Internet for fear chaos will break out. With all of this protection going on (and I don’t mean to imply that it’s not needed), what positive things are we doing to help students to learn how to, not only be safe online, but to be productive consumers and contributors to the digital world?

Edmodo and Common Sense Media have teamed up to create the Digital Citizen Starter Kit. One element of the kit is the “Digital Citizenship Pledge” to be taken by students and their teacher. The other part of the kit includes lessons for elementary, middle, or high school that promote both conversation and the development of a deeper understanding of digital citizenship.

For directions to access the kit, visit this link: https://blog.edmodo.com/2012/09/19/download-the-digital-citizenship-starter-kit-from-edmodo-common-sense-media/


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